7 of the Best Beauty Products for Dry Skin


I want to share with you 7 of the best beauty products for dry skin. My skin is crazy dry. I never really had issues with oily skin and as I got older, my skin just became worse. My skin was so incredibly dry that I could hardly stand it. I need to find products that worked for me and I’ve finally found the right combination.

Now that I have been home full-time, I keep to a really simple skincare routine. I so rarely wear make-up anymore and when I do I have to wash it off the minute I get home.

toups & co facial products that I use to have a more eco-friendly life

My Skin Care Routine

  • I never take baths, I only shower. As relaxing as a bath can be, it is not great for really dry skin. In the shower, I wash my face with L’Oreal Age Perfect Cream Cleanser and I use non-fragrance Dove Bar Soap. When I get out of the shower I put Neutrogena Body Oil all over my damp skin. This really hydrates my skin and helps to eliminate flaking and itching.
  • I spray my face with a Mario Badescu Facial Spray. It makes my skin feel refreshed and helps any product to go on smoothly. Then I put two drops of L’Oreal Age Perfect Oil in the palm of my hand, rub my hands together and apply it to my face and neck. This is by far my absolute favorite product. When I discovered it, it was a game-changer for my skin. It also smells amazing. At night I wash my face with the cream cleaners and repeat the spray and oil
  • If I’m going to put make-up on then I apply a few drops of the Clinique Repair Laser Focus to my skin after my spray and oil and before I put on my make-up. It helps fine lines to disappear.
  • Every other week I use the Aveeno Oat Mask to help my face feel clean and smooth and then follow it up with my oil (I absolutely love my face oil)
  • Occasionally, if I’ve had to wear make-up pretty regularly, I will add the Bare Mineral Grains to my cream cleaners and give my face a good scrub. This really adds a glow and shine and then of course I follow with my facial spray and oil.

Be Good to Yourself

It’s important to be good to your skin and it’s also important to be good to yourself. I use all of these 7 products and I feel like my skin has never been healthier.

As we head into spring and I see the smallest hint of my garden starting to immerge, I’m reminded that it needs me to care for it and give it energy and nutrition. Our bodies and souls also need to be cared for with good energy and nutrition.

Be good to yourself with good foods, exercise, and also quiet time just for you. Remember that you sometimes need time to renew and refresh. I have days where I just need to take a nap. Don’t ever feel guilty about listening to your body’s cues that you need to slow down. All the stuff will be there when you feel more ready to tackle the world.

Happy Saturday My Dear Friends!



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  1. I needed this reminder. It’s so easy to nottake care of ourselves and our skin all over our body. Several items were out of stock. It was niceto seeaffordableproducts too. Have a good day!

    1. Hi Linda –
      Isn’t that the truth. As women, we don’t remember to take care of ourselves as much as we should and we deserve to feel pampered and special! Thanks for reading my little blog!