DIY Spring Wreath

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Hi Friends!  Like all of you, I’m desperate for tulips and daffodils to start popping out of the ground.  Unfortunately, that’s just not going to happen for a while.  To help brighten my day and my front door, I made a spring wreath this past weekend.

To get me through these gloomy days I’ll light a fireplace and curl up in a comfy chair.  With a mug of hot tea or a glass of wine in hand, I thumb through catalogs and magazines.  A beautiful spring wreath caught my eye in one such catalog, this past weekend. I wanted it but with a price tag of $349, it stopped me in my tracks.

There would be no running for my purse to grab my credit card and make that purchase; instead, I grabbed my purse and ran out to Hobby Lobby and bought some awesome faux flowers to make my own DIY Wreath.  With catalog pictures in hand, I headed out for Hobby Lobby.

Spring Wreath Inspiration
Spring Wreath Inspiration

I couldn’t find the exact same flowers but with a grapevine base and a green garland, I got to work.  Once I fired up my hot glue gun, I was ready to create!  Base of spring wreath

It took a while but I finally got the garland secured, with lots of glue and the help of some chip bag clips. Now I was ready to add flowers but first I had to take the sprays and cut them apart with a wire cutter.  Collage of Flowers
Taking the sprays apartI purchased five flower sprays, three mini flower picks, and one garland for only $40.00. Of course, this price included the typical Hobby Lobby 50% off.  That’s a savings of $309.00 plus shipping. All in all, I’m pretty happy with my DIY Spring Wreath.My DIY Spring Wreath

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you next Monday!


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