Why You Should Marry a Handy Man

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Do you want to know why you should marry a handy man?

White headboard paneling with hooks for coats on a blue wall in a small entryway

When I met “Handy” I had no idea just how talented he was. I didn’t marry him because he could fix things or build things. He is an honest, caring man who loves me and that is why I married him.

husband standing in a demo'd kitchen with hand on hip trying to figure out how to make something work
My favorite view is him thinking about how he’s going to make the impossible work

I actually came to the marriage with my own miter saw and tool belt. I quickly “forgot” how to use all of my tools once I discovered just how handy “Handy” was.

White farmhouse kitchen

If you’ve been following along, you know that when I moved into his bachelor pad, I didn’t think we would be here long. It was small for us with just Kenny. When I got pregnant, this little house was out of the question.

I guess that was one conversation we forgot to have before we got married. Handy wasn’t going anywhere.

Well…we never moved and I just recently celebrated my 28th anniversary of living in this small house. A small house has its challenges but It’s also has it’s perks.

A List of Just Some of his Handiwork

  • We’ve figured out how to raise three kids in this small space
  • We now have an energy efficient space which is perfect for Handy and me (and Emma)
  • Hardwood floors throughout
  • A woodburning fireplace both inside and outside
  • New interior doors on every room and closet
  • 2 doors that were not only replaced but were also moved three feet.
  • Patio door replaced with a french door
  • He elimated 4 windows from our house
  • The windows that remain have all been replaced
  • A new kitchen
  • Build a Pantry under our stairs
  • 2 new bathrooms (One twice)
  • Remodeled Laundry room x 2
  • There are built-ins in every room
  • Our backyard has
    • A Chicken Coop
    • An Outdoor Kitchen
    • An Outdoor Living Room
    • A Greenhouse
    • Brick patio surrounding our house
    • A Boat House
  • More pieces of furniture than I can count

“Handy” did it all. He’s not just your average Handy guy. He could have been a master craftsman. Because he is able to do so many things around our house, we have things that we never could have been able to afford if we had to hire it out.

The only thing that he hates to do is mud drywall and paint. So in those cases “we gotta guy”.

And because we staying in this tiny house and “Handy” is able to make everything I can imagine become a reality “Living Large in A Small House” Blog was born, by ME!

While you might not find someone as handy as my husband, you still should marry a man who is handy. There is something to be said for not having to wait for things to get done around the house.


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  1. I’m married to a handyman myself! The list of his projects are endless! He dislikes putting in doors, but loves drywall and painting…we should help each other out! Love your home, Lynn. It’s gorgeous! I’m sure you have many more projects for Handy in the future!

    1. It is too bad we aren’t neighbors, we could send our “Handy’s” to each other’s homes to finish projects :). We actually don’t have anything major on the list right now. We need to re-do our laundry room but I have to come up with a plan first.

  2. Amazing! I’m so jealous. My poor husband gets hurt changing lightbulbs. Your home is so beautiful.

    1. Keith gets hurt too but he’s too cheap to pay someone to do something that he knows he can do 🙂

  3. Love this tribute to your hubby’s handyman qualities! I’m sure he is beaming with how proud you are of him!

    1. I doubt that he has even read the post 🙂