Saturday at This Small House #7

wedding table setting with rose gold chargers, topped white dinner plate, vintage pastel floral salad plate  and vintage teacup that has a peony and wooden laser name tag in the cup.

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Happy New Year’s Day Friends!

Well, 2021 was a good year for us at Living Large in A Small House and we are looking forward to what 2022 has in store for us. We already have a couple of big projects planned for the house. The first one is gutting our laundry room. I currently have a stacked front load washer and dryer. I will share with you why I don’t like my front load washer (several reasons) when we start working on that project.

I’ve decided to be more focused on my blog and I will start posting a recipe or food-related posts on Tuesdays and a home-related post on Thursday. I’m still debating about Saturday/Sunday. Should I add a third post (my miscellaneous post) on Saturday and my Newsletter Post

Tuesday’s Blog Post

Why I Bullet Journal

picture of Mac book computer, bullet journal, pens and cup of coffee on wooden desk

Thursday’s Blog Post

2021 A Year in Review

Living Large Podcast

On Monday one of our most popular Podcasts aired. We hope you’ll listen

Don’t forget to listen to Episode #9 on Monday!

My Christma House Tour is on my YouTube Channel

Happy New Year My Friends!

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