Lynn’s Recollections and Reflections #41 – Filling Your Tank

I recently returned from a 10-day road trip to meet with my blogging buddies to work together. Our mission was to learn from each other, work with each other and quite frankly just spend time with each other.

We originally met each other online in a Master Class. Then we all went to a few conferences together. We ultimately banded together as a group of 6 who meet via Zoom every Thursday. We chat daily via a group text thread.

This however was the first time that all 6 of us were all together. We laughed. We cried. We didn’t want our time together to end.

But we all went home feeling filled up and ready to keep doing what we were doing.

LA to Illinois

The craziness of this trip started when Wendy of WMDesign House decided to fly to Chicago from LA. I picked her up at the airport on a Thursday.

This crazy girl wanted to go along with me on a road trip!

A quick little video of me getting Wendy from O’Hare

Friday morning we got in the car and started driving to our first destination, Kansas City!

“Handy” named us Thelma and Louise as we pulled out of the driveway. As luck would have it, we found these hats at one of our first stops. We wore them for the rest of our trip.

Kansas City Here We Come

Our destination for the first day was Lake Waukomis, Missouri which is where our friend Diane from South House Designs lives. We arrived in the late afternoon, just in time to have drinks and appetizers with the owner of one of our favorite stores, Nell Hills in Kansas City.

On Saturday we went shopping and met the delightful MaryCarol who owns Diebolts in Kansas City. She was the original owner of Nell Hills. We went a little crazy in her cute little store.

Then we went to Historic West Bottoms, an area of Kansas with old factory buildings that have been turned into all kinds of shops. It was blisteringly hot so we faded fast here.

Then it was back to Nell Hills for some actual shopping. It was such a fun day of shopping and lunch with girlfriends.

Our conversation is seamless and we so enjoy each other’s company. A shopping day with the girls was something I needed.

Kansas to Dallas

Sunday morning bright and early we hopped back in the car for the final leg of our road trip.

My GPS took me a way I had never taken before and we saw the aftermath of the tornados that ripped through Northern Texas in late May. It was pretty devastating.

We got to Dallas safe and sound and spent two days with my daughter Annie, her husband Tommy, and their 6-month-old son, Harrison. We snuck in about 24 hours of grandma time before we met up with the rest of our crew.

Filling our Tank

There were no rules on our trip. We ate DQ at 10 am. We laughed and we cried. Two sixty-something women trying to figure out life in a car was quite the adventure.

For me, it was exactly what I needed. It’s interesting how when you get to this stage in your life a younger you would have thought you’d have it all figured out.

The problems have just changed and we are luckily much more reflective and mature with our problem-solving skills. But we still struggle sometimes.

We like our younger selves are still racing to get it all done before we die but realize that will never happen.

Life goes by in such a flash and it’s become apparent to me how much I need good friends to fill my tank!

Peace & Love,

I will share more about our trip in another post.

Be sure to visit my other blogger friends who we met up with in Dallas

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  1. Wendy McMonigle says:

    I am in tears! That was a beautiful post. I am so grateful to call you my friend and share life with you. Those almost 20 hours in the car were life changing for me. Thank you for the gift of friendship.

  2. I love Mary Carol Garrity and am thrilled to see she has re-entered the home decor retail world with Debolts. When I clicked on your link for Debolts nothing is available for viewing?