Lynn’s Recollections and Reflections #40 – Sweet Molly

Our Family Dog Molly

Neither Keith nor I grew up with a dog. My youngest brother got a dog about the time I was leaving home so he wasn’t much a part of my life.

16 and a half years ago we got a puppy for our girls. She was a sweet little Shih Tzu that we named Molly.

Not an Easy Dog

She was never an easy dog. We could never crate train her and she suffered from terrible separation anxiety. The result of her anxiety resulted in many issues that I had to deal with.

Eventually, she settled down a bit and she became a little companion to everyone. Except for Keith, he never was very fond of her. So she just tried her best to stay out of his way 🙂

Empty Nest Dog

When the kids all left the house she became my work partner. She spent the good part of her day sleeping next to me either on the floor by my desk or next to me on the sofa in my office.

But she was always thrilled when the kids would come home. When they were here she got to sleep in their beds with them and she loved that. Handy and I never let her sleep on our bed. She always slept in a bed on the floor next to us.

Saying Goodbye

Molly lost her hearing a few years ago and that actually was a great thing because she was no longer frightened by lighting, fireworks, other dogs barking, etc. It made leaving her much easier.

The last few years she had also slowed down a bit but she was still pretty chipper for an older dog.

In the last month, she had what I think was a stroke, and a week ago she had another one. The first one definitely slowed her down but after the last one, she was completely blind and no longer living any quality of life.

We made the decision as a family that it was time to let her finally rest. Emma came home from the city on Thursday and together we took her to be peacefully put to sleep and quickly thereafter she was gone. My other two kids Facetimed with her that day. It was very hard on everyone but we all knew we had made the right thing to do.

We will miss her and I’m sure once Emma heads back home and Keith goes back to work it’s going to be very strange being in this house without our Molly.

Peace & Love,

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  1. I’m so sorry you’ve had to say goodbye to your Molly. It’s amazing how much they take hold of our hearts. Molly was blessed to have you and your family as hers.

    1. She definitely was a part of our family. My kids were devastated. It was the only dog we have had. I am constantly looking for her to be around me in the house. We will always miss her. I appreciate your kind words. Thanks my friend.

  2. Tears welled up as I read this Lynn. I thought of our little Elmo, a black shih-tzu that we had to put down a couple of years ago. It’s so hard to do 🥲 You gave Molly a good life and she gave you her loyal love.

    1. Thank you Cindy – It’s was so much harder than I ever imagined. I was hoping she would go peacefully in her sleep but as we know that didn’t happen. Glad to have such a good friend!

  3. Laura @ Our Grand Lives says:

    Our family pets hold such a special place in our lives. They are always such a faithful presence! So many sweet photos and memories of your Molly! I’m so sorry for your family’s loss!

    1. Thank you Laura – I never had a pet as a child so I had no idea how difficult this would be. I appreciate all the kindness I’ve received from everyone! XOXO