How to Refresh your Front Door for Spring

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Along with a few amazing blogging friends, we are sharing ideas of how to refresh your front door for spring. Mine started with a good cleaning of my front door and front porch. I also threw my porch rug into the wash! It’s unbelievable what a difference that made.

Front Porch Refresh
After some sprucing Up

I haven’t changed up my wreath in some time. I had bought a basic green wreath that I was able to use for several seasons just by changing up the flowers. Recently I was cleaning my laundry room and I found an amazing wood monogram that I had every intention of using for my front door. I’ve probably had it for at least 10 years. Long enough that a piece had broken off. I got out some gorilla glue and quickly mended it and then added some white paint to it.

I wasn’t sure if I would just tie a bow to the monogram and hang it, or attach it to a wreath and put it on the door. The wooden monogram is pretty big so I wasn’t sure what would be better. I tried it by itself, then tried it with a new wreath, and ended up with this. It’s the old wreath that I’ve recycled for many seasons with the monogram attached! I love it.

Front Door Wreath

The Front Porch also got a Little Fluffing Up!

Not to be outdone by the door, my pots needed to be spruced up a bit too! Aldi had some inexpensive flowering bulbs and then I added a few other things in from my local nursery. I have tulips, hyacinth, tete tete daffodils, and some pansies in my front porch pots. I also added a few things that I probably should have waited on; German Ivy, Osteospermum, and ranunculus. However, they look amazing even if I have to cover them every night for a while.

Porch Spring Pots
Porch Spring Pots

The bench on the porch needed some colorful pillows and a throw. Also in order were new candles for the candle holders. I think it’s looking pretty inviting. What do you think?

Front Porch Bench
Front Porch Reset

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Peace my Friends

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  1. Kim Waldorf says:

    Your porch looks so pretty, Lynn! I love that you have a bunny, too! They are my favorite. The pillow is the perfect pop of color on your bench. And the wreath?? So good! Who doesn’t love to reuse pretty items! So nice being in this challenge with you and the other ladies!

    1. Thank you Kim – The wreath and the monogram just organically happened. I had planned to use another wreath but the size wasn’t a good proportion for the monogram. My porch is continually evolving. I actually found a cute vintage mailbox today so we will be adding that to the front and rearranging again 🙂

  2. I love your front porch and I absolutely love the color of your house – it’s such a pretty shade and really showcases your arch!

    1. Thank You, Traci! We love the new front porch too. The color was picked after lots and lots of little trial-sized cans. It was too important and expensive to not get it right.

  3. Traci Ferguson says:

    Checking this out!

  4. Wow your home sure does have curb appeal!! I just love the simple yet very cozy and homey look you have created!!! That wreath is awesome too;)

    1. Thank you for your kind words Maria. The new front porch and door have been such a transformation! We are so glad that we did it!