Saturday at This Small House #44

Happy Saturday Friends!

I’m still organizing at this small house. This past week I’ve been working on my bedroom. I had two huge bags to donate and a very large bag of garbage and I’m not 100% done. I have to get “Handy” involved to go through his clothes in the closet. No small chore!

I also signed up for the “One Room Challenge”! I have no idea what I’m getting myself into but it’s going to be my motivation to get my den/office/guest bedroom done! It begins on September 28th so be on the watch for news on that!

Tuesday’s Blog Post

This past week I made pesto with all of the basil that is in my garden and then I topped my pasta with some roasted cherry tomatoes, also something that I still have in abundance. It was pretty tasty. “Handy” even liked it and he’s pretty afraid of anything green!

table set with bowl of roasted cherry tomato & pesto pasta

Wednesday’s Blog Post

Since I’m cleaning and organizing with many of you, I’ve added an organizing post to my lineup on Wednesdays. This week I shared 37 Easy Bedroom Organizing Ideas. Interestingly enough I use just about all of them in one way or another.

picture of an organized nightstand on of the 37 easy bedroom organizing ideas

Thursday’s Blog Post

I love my homemade cleaning products. It’s another way that I know that what I’m using in my home is safe for us. It’s environmentally friendly and easy on your budget.

homemade counter top cleaner

If you’re a blogger or just looking for lots of inspiration, visit the blog on Fridays for our Fabulous Friday Link Party. I along with Diane from South House Design, Michele from Vintage Home Designs, Amy from Amy Sadler Designs, Rich & Donna from An Organized Home, and Wendy from WM Design House are hosting this fun event. It starts on Fridays at 8:00 am EST and ends on Mondays at 12 noon.

My guest on Monday was Megan Moore who along with her partner, two children, and two dogs lives in a 414 sq., ft., tiny home in Golden, British Columbia Canada. I had a great conversation with her.

a graphic for the podcast with Megan Moore


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If you shop through my page links, I receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). This helps support my small business “Living Large in A Small House”.


I hope you are having the best weekend!

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My new friend Maria at Pure Happy Home shows us how to make a beautiful fall dining tablescape with thrifted items. Make sure you check this one out.

You can find last week’s newsletter HERE

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  1. Happy Saturday friend, enjoyed the class on Link Parties this past week. Also love that you’re doing the ORC Lynn! Right now hope you’re enjoying this gorgeous Midwest weather.

    1. Hi Maria –
      I think I’m a bit in over my head but it will all work out – always does! This weather is glorious! Hope you are enjoying it too! I imagine the leaves are starting to turn in MI. Such a lovely time of year.

  2. You’ll be great in the One Room Challenge.

    Getting rid of clothes and items we don’t wear or use anymore is a great feeling.

    1. I’m excited to get started but we are having company on Saturday so can’t start making a mess until Sunday. I have started the purge process. I have a lot to get rid of.