Reasons to Start Your 2021 Holiday Preparations Now!

Holiday Prep

Here are some reasons to start your 2021 holiday preparations now.

In demand items are already selling out and with the supply chain issues, they might not be getting things back in stock. Because Covid continues to spread and many factories around the world are still closed or working at less than full capacity, they can’t produce like they were. The issues stretch way beyond manufacturing. Shipping and receiving product is an issue around the world.

The travel industry is a mess!

Toys & Games

If you have younger children or are Grandparents to younger kids, I would be finishing up my shopping and not waiting to see if things are going to be on sale. If your child has their heart set on a larger item, get those purchased now. The larger items are being left behind in order to get as many of the smaller products on the shelves for the holidays.

I think this year, parents are going to have to get really creative with Santa IOU’s and/or finding something really special that isn’t a “hot” new toy.

ETSY is a great place to get hand crafted toys that will last forever and offer your kids that opportunity to be more creative and use their imaginations.

Etsy Wooden Plane for holiday gift

Clothing – Getting the Sizes you Need

We always get matching pajamas for Christmas and I typically don’t have much of a choice of patterns that I can get in everyone’s size when I wait until the normal Christmas shopping season. This year, I ordered early and not only did I get them on sale, I already have them. When I went back to look at different sizes, some were already sold out.

I think that this will be the case with everything from dresses to shoes! I need to get my kids lists from them pronto. Now that they are older, we do:

  1. Something You Want
  2. Something You Need
  3. Something to Wear
  4. Something to Read

iPhone & Electronics

Yes, even Apple is having issues getting enough chips for all the demands for the newest iPhone. If it’s on someones wish list for the holidays, you should get your order in now!

I imagine that all electronic equipment is going to be problematic when they can’t get the chips for them.

iPhone 13 Christmas Gift

Book Your Holiday Travel Now

If you’re planning to travel for the holidays, you should be booking your air, hotel and car rentals now. Air and Car rentals can be dicey even if you have a reservation. If traveling by car is at all possible, it might really save you a lot of headaches. Covid has made traveling very difficult.

We just had a family wedding in Iowa this past weekend and I’m so glad that it was a 3-1/2 hour car ride for us. Others who traveled in via plane had delays, missed connections, lost luggage and trouble renting cars. You can read about our Covid travel story HERE.

Trees & Decorations

If you are wanting a new tree this year, the word on the street is that there will be shortage of trees and decorations this year. I’m so glad I got my Balsam Hill Tree last year and I ordered my ribbon for my theme months ago.

Charlie Brown Holiday Tree

Organize Your Holiday Plans and Meals

While you can’t typically buy what you need for holiday meals; you can certainly plan your events and meals in advance. I love having everything on paper and my lists in order, well before the entertaining begins. I have a four-part series on Entertaining that you can read about HERE.

In Conclusion

There are lots of reasons to start your 2021 holiday preparations now. We don’t want disappointed kids (or even adults). We want to have a pleasant experience if we are traveling.

Being organized and on top of things creates less stress and makes everyone happier in the long run. If you sign-up for my newsletters you will have access to my Christmas printable.

Can you even imagine going into Thanksgiving with most of the holiday preparations done? This just might be my year!


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