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I have had several different office spaces in our home but today I want to share the new changes to my personal office space.  There is an alcove in our Master Bedroom and that is where I’ve tucked my personal office.

The concept for this space started after I decided I wanted to start blogging.  A separate space from my work office was necessary for inspiration and the alcove was a perfect solution.  If you look back at my last post I talk a little bit about our bedroom.  The blue & white space is a peaceful, sanctuary!

Initially the office consisted of IKEA trestles and Handy ordered me an awesome glass top.  I re-purposed some book shelves from one of my girls rooms and those sat behind the desk.  They didn’t have a ton of storage but I was able to hide things in IKEA boxes and magazine holders.  I also had space for my printer on the book shelves.

Handy and I had always talked about bumping into the unused space between the wall and our roof.  If you live in a Cape Cod or in our case an A-Frame home, you may have space between your walls on the second floor and your roof line.  I saw the picture below on Pinterest and have had it on my Home: Master Bedroom board for some time.  Initially the idea was to do something like this for more dresser space but with my desk in this space it has taken on the role of office storage.

Inspiration Picture

Have I mentioned before that if Handy doesn’t agree with a DIY idea that I might have – it never gets done.  If he likes the idea – Watch Out!  I mentioned it might be a good time to consider bumping into the wall.  The next day I came home from work to this:

We purchased some stock cabinets from Home Depot, ordered a remnant piece of manufactured stone that looks very much like marble.  Within a week my personal office had a new look with some fabulous storage space.  When my baby leaves for college in the fall, I’m thinking of moving my desk to her room.  If I decide to do that this can easily transform into storage for linens or even seasonal knickknacks!

It’s interesting that the before picture was Christmas 2015 and the after picture is Christmas 2016.  What a difference a year makes. Living in our small house we have once again found the treasure of more square footage in a most unexpected place.

Before I sign off I want to share another fun fact about Handy.  He never finishes any project 100%.  If you look closely you will see that we still need the floor patched and baseboard at the bottom of the cabinets.  I’ve been waiting for 3-1/2 years for the baseboards and toe kicks to be installed in my kitchen.  I can’t even tell you how long ago the crown molding in our bathroom was put up and it still needs a coat of paint.  He claims that if he finishes everything I won’t need him anymore.  How silly!  There will always be another project.

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you join me again next Monday!


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