Living Large Podcast with “Handy”

Today on Living Large Podcast I have a great conversation with My Husband Keith who I call “Handy” on this Blog!

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Our conversation today was a rundown of all the things that we collectively have going on at this small house.

A few of the things were projects that “Handy” knows about a few were a little bit of a surprise. As a husband and wife DIY team, it’s sometimes nice to have things recorded. Just saying!

Keith also talks about all of the offices that I’ve had in our home. I have a Podcast episode devoted just to the evolution of my offices. You can listen to it HERE

We also chatted about my signing us up to do the ORC (One Room Challenge) which begins on September 28th. Right before I leave to speak at the Bloggers Inspiring Bloggers Retreat in Oregon.

You can find Handy at Contract Glazing, Inc. or on IG at Handy Made It

Read about how the Podcast came to be HERE

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