Living Large Podcast – My Daughters

Living Large Podcast with my beautiful daughters

Today on the Podcast I had a great conversation with my daughters, Annie Nellen and Emma Vogeler

We start the discussion with something they did last week when they were together in Dallas that I’m not happy about.

Then we chat about Christmas and what that will look like for both of them in their new homes.

Watch the Video by Clicking the Photo Above

YouTube Video – Living Large Podcast

Yes, you can now watch us chat! Click on the picture above and you can see us talking with each other. It’s also an unedited version of the Living Large Podcast.

Read about how the Podcast came to be HERE & listen to last weeks Podcast with “Handy” HERE

Do You Want to Be A Guest on My Podcast?

I’m always looking for interesting guests to be on my podcast. If you have something to share with Living Large Podcast, I would love to hear from you. I am all about decorating, entertaining, cooking, gardening and organizing. We do all of that in a small house. If you have an interest that you would like to share, I would love to hear about it.

Contact me HERE

I hope you enjoy this episode of Living Large Podcast – My beautiful daughter


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