How We Added Amazing Curb Appeal to this Plain House


Today I want to share with you how we added fantastic curb appeal to this plain house.

Our new front porch is my most viewed post on Pinterest. The part that is so funny to me is that I didn’t realize just how awful our house looked before! Yikes! That being said, when it’s your place and you do your very best to dress it up and put out cute wreaths and decor, it looks pretty to you. Both “Handy” and I look at this picture now and think “we lived in that?”

Plain House

You won’t even BELIEVE the transformation!

Wait for it –

Wait for it –

You’re almost there!

It’s so hard to believe that THIS is now our house!

Front Porch After

How the Whole Project Got Started

Initially, the whole project started with a much-needed new roof. As things sometimes do, it just snowballed from there. As a result, we added a new front porch, siding, insulation, windows, and a new door. Additionally, our shed was gutted and pretty much rebuilt from the inside out. A whole house generator was also installed during this remodel. There were also projects going on inside the house at the same time. You can read all about our remodel HERE.

Amazing Curb Appeal

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From start to finish, the project took over a year. We had to deal with weather issues (cold, snow, flooding) and the usual contractor delays. However we now have a home that is pretty much maintenance-free on the outside and as we head into our retirement years, we are pretty happy about that. If we decide to move someday to be closer to our kids/future grandkids, the new owners will have a pretty special little cottage.

“What is the color of your siding?”. This is the most asked question. Here is the rundown on the details of our remodel.


Wouldn’t you agree that the transformation is amazing? It also adds so much value to our home.

Who would have thought that our needing a new roof would result in such a large project? We jokingly refer to it as the “may as well” project.

Are you looking to give your home a facelift? I hope that this article about how we added amazing curb appeal to this plain house gives you some hope and inspiration. I never dreamed that our little house could look as great as it does now.



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    1. You’re so sweet Renae! It really is such a different home now. Its so funny that we didn’t think it looked that bad before! LOL

  1. Elizabeth@pineconesandaconrs says:

    This is amazing! I love it!

    1. You are so sweet Elizabeth! The transformation is quite something.

      1. Hi what color is the exterior paint beautiful?

  2. Lynn- I love this soooo much! We are working on the less cosmetic parts of repair under the house and in the attic…I am working on remodeling inside, but that renovation of yours is stunning! I would so love a facelift for this precious home of ours. Thanks for your inspiration!!

    1. Hi Leslie – Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to spend our money on those pesky things that no one really sees like under the house and in the attic. I feel like the inside stuff is never ending, if you live in a house long enough. We are getting ready to redo our laundry room and I’m excited about that! So glad that I’ve met you!

  3. Lisa Tipton says:

    Fantastic upgrade! The porch and front view is absolutely charming. Not sure what color the trim was painted but it compliments the indigo well. Siding and roof look like great choices for the winters you live with there.

    1. Hi Lisa – The renovation was such a remarkable before and after. We did all the things we needed to do to not have to maintain the house much now that we are getting older. The trim is white. We chose a great option for siding and roofing with an (our lifetime) guarantee.