How to Grow Paperwhites

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Today I’m going to talk about how to grow paperwhites. When days are more grey than bright, I love to introduce green plants into the house. There is something about new house plants that brighten the day and bring freshness to the home. It also reminds us that spring will be here soon.

The typical method for growing paperwhites is to grow them in small stones with water. I however don’t like the look of the roots in the water. I’m going to plant mine in the soil. I ordered my bulbs from Kelly at Party in my Plants on Etsy and they just came today.

I’ve filled a shallow old enamelware bowl with MiracleGro potting soil, about 1/2 way full. I watered it so that the soil is moist. Then I placed my bulbs on top of this soil, root side down.

Planting Paperwhites

Once your bulbs are placed, very close to each other, then I filled the rest of the bowl with more soil. You’ll want to make sure you leave the tips above the soil line.

Forcing Bulbs

Now the bulbs will rest in my laundry room where it is cool and dark. Once they start to root and put up shoots then I will bring them out into the sunlight of my family room.

Getting a paperwhite to rebloom is very difficult so once the flowers have died back, I will be throwing the contents of my bowl on my compost pile.

I recently bought a gardening journal and I can’t wait to share it with you. One thing that I will be doing is making notes to purchase my paperwhites much sooner next year. I think that I want some for December and a February bloom. I hope this article will help you with how to grow paperwhites indoors.

When the flowers are in bloom, I promise to share them with you! Happy House planting!



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