Do You Want to Know What My Favorite Office Supplies Are?

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Do you want to know what my favorite office supplies are? Well quite frankly, all of them! I just love the office supply store. I guess being an organizer by nature, I just can’t seem to have enough things for my desk and my working life!

My Absolute Favorite Office Supply

I’m also a very visual person and so lists and writing everything down are my thing. When you keep track of your life on paper you know that sometimes plans change. That is why my absolutely favorite office supply is my Frixion Erasable Markers. I have probably bought two dozen sets over the years. I typically like the medium tip 24-color pack but I’ve recently switched to the fine tip. One of the reasons is they are more like a pen so I’m not losing the tops and they seem to last longer as the other ones dry out.

Why the different colors you might ask?? Well, I color-code things. I used to use a different color for everyone in the family and their activities and another color for family events. I also used a completely different color for my meal planning. Once I started working full-time I used them to color code the task (conference call, meeting, out of town, etc). Now that I’m working from home, I color-code my days into tasks for the day and I still color-code my meal plans.

My Planners

I love to make lists and write things down so I’m a paper planner nut! I have several. My blogging business and my notes planners are both ARC planners. My business planner is an 8-1/2″ x 11″ size and my notes are a 5-7/8 x 8-1/4″ size (A5). Inside my business planner are the templates from Restored 316 Business. I love it because I can print out just what I need and put those sheets into my binder. I also use an A5 planner for all of my home ideas, paint chips, etc. This baby travels along with me in the car at all times. It’s getting pretty full so I’ve decided to take my garden section out and make that its own planner.

My calendar is the Classic Happy Planner size and it’s just enough space for me to plan out life. It also serves as a scrapbook of sorts for me. I can look back to remember events and things that we have done.

I purchase a lot of planner inserts from Etsy. You can find downloadables that are beautiful and very inexpensive. You can then print out exactly what you need and what works for you.

My Rose Gold Desk

I’m obsessed with rose gold accessories and I have a bit of it. My current desk is two IKEA white wooden trestles. Currently, I can only find them in birch but you could always paint them. I topped them with a glass top which allowed me to customize the size of my desk.

Rose Gold Desk Accessories

I have had a desk in just about every room in my house but I’ll save that journey for another post 🙂 What are your favorite office supplies and office organization tips? Please leave comments below. I love hearing from you my friends!



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  1. I love planners! I know a lot of people do everything with their computers but I like to carry my planner and to see what is coming up. I am a fan of gel pens, I like the feel and how they write. I will have to check out these markers.

    1. I’m the same, I have to see my week on paper. I also remember things better if I write them down. I had a mentor in my corporate life who once said “If you write it, it makes it real” That always held true for me.

      Try the pens, you’ll love them!

  2. I also love the office store and can spend way too much on organizational items. I am going to check out the colored pens you mentioned! Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. The pens are a game changer! I don’t write with anything else.

  3. Love these. I am a paper calendar/planner girl for sure. I treat them a little like a diary, I write what’s coming up as well as what I did. I have calendars back to the 90’s. #hoarder. I love looking back and seeing what I was doing when, who was prominent in my life and what I weighed! Each year I hem and how over a new one. I need space to write, space for notes etc. I’m a list maker and make one every day. I love the crossing off! I need to try some colored pens to keep my blog / work. / personal life separate.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I also treat them like a journal. I look back for many things, including trying to date photos. I have journals from back in the 70’s so I have you beat ????
      Crossing/checking things off is so fulfilling to me. If something isn’t on my list that I accomplished, I add it and cross it off ????????????

  4. Leslie Watkins says:

    I lived with a lesson planner in my hand for 30 years so I have so many parts a new planner has to live up to…I have even been known to buy school planners to use. I’m a visual person, too, so writing things down is sooo important. Not as much a color code person as you! Thanks foe sharing all of your beautiful things! I always love office supplies!

    1. It’s so interesting the similarities in our little tribe. It seems that many of us are visual learners and enjoy the paper planner and writing things down. I actually used a teacher planner for years too because my job was based on the school year calendar! I don’t color code as much as I used to but it’s become a habit that works for me.