Why I use the EWG Skin Deep App


The EWG Skin Deep App is an app that helps you make healthy choices for the products you use on your body.

Our skin is our largest organ and we should be just as mindful about what we put on it as we are about what we put into our bodies.

After watching the docuseries “Not So Pretty” on HBO, I have taken a new approach to what I’m buying for my hair and skin.

A picture of three Toups and Co products that I use on my skin

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Why I use the EWG Skin Deep App

That documentary was so eye-opening that I am very conscious of what I put on my skin and hair. You’ve all heard the commercials from lawyers about cancers caused by asbestos. Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder was made with Talc and where there is talc, there is asbestos.

I scan the bar code on all of my products with the EWG Skin Deep App before I use them or buy them. I’ve thrown away all of the skincare products that I used daily and have replaced them with products from Toups & Co.

Replacing my shampoo which had an EWG rating right on the container was one of the very first things I did. When you are in the shower washing your hair, the shampoo runs all the way down your body. I also replace my deodorant. We’ve all heard that some deodorants might be responsible for breast cancer and it was just time to make the switch.

I don’t use make-up very often so I haven’t replaced much but I did replace my foundation recently.

What Chemicals Should you Avoid in your Products?

  • Fragrance (they can hide thousands of harmful chemicals under the name of “fragrance”)
  • talc
  • TPHP
  • dimethyltolylamine
  • carcinogen titanium dioxide – Toxic to Reproduction
  • methylene glycol – Known to cause cancer
  • dibutyl phthalate (DBP)
  • piethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP)
  • formaldehyde
  • quarternium-15
  • mercury
  • isopropyl paraben
  • M-Phenylenediamine and its salts
  • O-Phenylenediamine and its salts
  • the entire class of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
  • camphor
  • toluene
  • ethyl tosylamide
  • dibutyl phthalate
  • formaldehyde resin
  • formaldehyde parabens
  • xylene

The fact that I can’t pronounce most of these chemicals is a reason alone to not have them in our bodies.

How do I know if my Cosmetics are Safe?

Because so many chemicals are hidden in ingredients like Fragrance, I think the best we can do is use an app to guide our choices and do our homework.

I typed EWG-rated shampoo in the Amazon search bar and I got many results including the Herbal Essence Shampoo that I currently use.

Shop Clean Apps

  • EWG – Skin Deep
  • Think Dirty
  • Detox Me
  • Clearya

What Brands have Clean Products

I did a lot of searching for clean skin-care products and I found the following brands to be good sources.

  • Toups & Co – This one is a small family-owned company so it’s not going to show up in many searches. I did my homework on this one. If you want to listen to Emilie Toups talking to Lisa from Farmhouse on Boone’s Podcast, you can get some really great information.
  • Attitude
  • Seven Minerals
  • The Honest Company
  • Everyone
  • SeSpring
  • Grove Collaborative
  • Earth Breeze – (I use their unscented laundry sheets and I’m so happy with them – I want my clothes to be chemical-free as well)
  • Attitude

There are so many companies who are jumping on the safe bandwagon. These are just a few of the companies that I know and I use some of their products.

“Not So Pretty” Docuseries

After watching the documentary with Emma, we did a Podcast breaking down the 4 different episodes and going into detail about what we learned. You can listen to that HERE.

As someone who is of childbearing age, Emma was especially moved by the information that they shared.

a picture of Herbal Essence Shampoo and SeSpring Facial Cleanser both which have EWG Verified Stamp

Hopefully, this is useful if you, like me are concerned with doing our best to keep chemicals out of our bodies and off our skin.


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    1. Thank You! I’m really making an effort to keep the chemicals out of my body and my home.

  1. Lynn, thank you for sharing such great information. I will pass this along to my daughters as I’m sure my years have been exposed to more than I’d like. I would also like to feature this on my Saturday Meanderings tomorrow.

    1. Hi Mary – It really is eye opening. My daughter’s have really taken it to heart and are switching up the products they use. I’m so happy for you to share it because it’s important information. Have a great week!