Saturday Shopping with Me – Flower Pot Hack

We are just about a month away from being able to put plants in the ground here in Illinois and I will be in my glory come May 15th.

Some of you are already planting (I’m so jealous) and some of you are hedging your bets and putting plants out now.

White pot on front porch with forced bulb spring flowers. daffodils, tulips, hyacinth and pansies. All part of my spring has sprung on my front porch edition

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Planting Pots

The one thing that I could be planting is pots, especially if they have bulb plants and pansies in them. They do ok here with a bit of cold.

I also can plant and cover my pots that are close to the house or on my front porch. I may just have to do that next week!

Planter Trick

I read a little tip this past week that has me so excited for my pots this summer. It was an article about how you can give your yard that professional garden look by painting all of your pots one color and then mixing them with terra cotta pots.

This person painted all of her pots black. In my case I will be painting all of mine white.

Why not just buy white you say??? Have you seen the price of real pots lately they are crazy expensive. My plan is to go to Home Depot and buy the cheap colored pots and spray paint them. I will also spray paint all of my old tired pots that I already have.

No matter what their shape or size, you will have that uniform look by using just one color. My old pots need to be freshened up, and a fresh coat of paint will do the trick.

I can’t wait to try this out with all of the planters that I like to have in my yard.

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I hope that you enjoyed shopping with me today!

If you made a purchase, please know that I so appreciate it as it helps in a small way to support my small house business.

Peace & Love,

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  1. We have sprayed pots for uniformity for years. Makes them more attractive for the one season but we do have problems with the paint peeling off the plastic by season’s end. The terracotta pots hold the paint a little better. We are just planting our pots in St Louis area. The hostas and ferns are several inches high…and we are also battling the deer. We have counted as many as 24 deer on our 3/4 acre lot at once and it’s pretty hard to compete with them. We have found an electric fence wire to be helpful.

    1. Hi Mary –
      I’m so excited about this pot idea! I can’t wait to do that this year. We unfortunately can’t have a fence so I’m left with all my other deterrents to keep them out. You should see my yard right now. I bought 50 pinwheels and have them stuck all over the garden. I hope the movement and flashing scares them away. Our neighbors think we are nuts!