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Welcome to another week of shopping

Living Room Shelves after I've purged. I only put back things I love and want to keep. Swedish Grandma Organizing
Living Room Shelves after I’ve purged. I only put back things I love and want to keep.

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2024 Reset

Is your Christmas Decor put away? I know some people like to keep it up for a while or just pare it down to some simple winter decor.

I however have everything packed and put away. Because of my job, my Christmas has been up since Halloween weekend and I was ready to put it away.

I’m also doing a huge purge of my vintage pieces. I’m longing for a cleaner look. One of my organizing philosophies is 1 thing in, 2 things out. Since I probably will be moving at least 200 things out, I’m looking for a few new pieces to bring in.

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I hope that you enjoyed shopping with me today!

If you made a purchase, please know that I so appreciate it as it helps in a small way to support my small house business.

Peace & Love,

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  1. Wendy McMonigle says:

    Love your philosophy, Lynn! Do you store what you take down? I am trying to thin things out, but it’s not so easy. LOL

    1. I move things around in my home but space is finite so I need to purge to bring new things in. I’m definitely going to move more out than in.