Fall Entertaining

Hi Friends – There are so many talented ladies who blog about their homes, decorating, and entertaining.  Being a part of that community is such a pleasure. Several of us are sharing our fall entertaining and tablescape ideas today.  If you’re just coming from From House to Home – Welcome!  Wanda has such a beautiful blog.

Salted Carmel Apple Martini

Every fall, I fall in love with the season all over again. Who doesn’t love the warm, sunny days and the crisp, cool nights?  I look forward to everything cozy; fires in the fireplace, soft throw blankets, sweatshirts, and snuggling under a warm quilt after a night of sleeping with the windows opened.  It’s the time of year when kiddos are starting a new grade in school.  Football games and tailgating are in full swing. Hands down my favorite part are bringing out the crockpot and enjoying comfort foods.  My favorite thing in the whole world to eat is beef stew. My Mom made it for me on every birthday even when I was a grown Mom myself.  I miss my Mom like crazy for many reasons but I won’t lie, I really miss her beef stew.  I’ve never been able to make it quite the same way.

It’s my oldest baby’s birthday in September so we hosted a small fall gathering for him last weekend.  I had so much fun preparing an autumn alfresco tablescape for the event.  You don’t need much when you have a great backdrop and yummy food, so I went with the less is more look.

Handy, made me this table for Thanksgiving last year.  What a guy! All I have to do is ask, draw a little picture and like magic, he makes it happen.  Can I just say “I’m one of the luckiest girls in the whole world”?

When your children are grown and are either living on their own or in college, your kitchen tends to stay pretty tidy. While I miss them terribly, who doesn’t enjoy that!

It is also ready for fall entertaining.

Fall Kitchen

Decorating my greenhouse for fall entertaining is so fun.  I did it again this year and it was the perfect place to enjoy cocktails before dinner.

Fall Entertaining Greenhouse

I don’t want to keep you too long so you can head off to the next blog and enjoy what Areeba has in store for you. You can visit her beautiful blog at Mint Candy Designs.

I will however leave you with a few final pictures of my Autumn Alfresco tablescape as the sun was setting.  Oh! Forgot to mention another one of my favorite fall things….the beautiful sunsets 🙂

Evening Autumn Alfresco Tablescapes
Evening Autumn Alfresco Tablescape
Sunset on the River

“Autumn …the Year’s Last Loveliest Smile”

                                   William Cullen Bryant

PS – You won’t want to miss my blog on Monday morning. I’ll be sharing everything that has been going on at “Living Large in A Small House”.  You haven’t heard from me for a while, for a reason!

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  2. What a beautiful space for a fall celebration, Lynn! I love the cheery sunflowers on your table and drinks in your greenhouse sounds like a wonderful idea!

    1. Hi Wanda –

      This fall blog hop was so much fun and I enjoyed participating with you and all of the other amazing bloggers. Enjoy the rest of the season!

  3. Just beautiful Lyn! I would love to dine over at your house especially during a sunset! I loved how you describe Fall. I also love to open my window on a crisp Fall night! Funny, because I just made my moms recipe for stew the other night!!! Happy Autumn!!

    1. Hi Rebeca –

      Thanks for visiting my little blog. Isn’t beef stew the best! My husband doesn’t enjoy it so I’ll have to wait until the next time my girls are visiting and I can make it for them. Yum! Enjoy the rest of the season –

  4. Your home is so beautiful for Fall. I love your table with the olive buckets and chickens – I have the same faux chicken in my kitchen! I’m so happy you joined the hop!

    1. Hi Angelina –

      Thanks so much for organizing the hop. It was really fun participating. I enjoyed the one day event!

  5. Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors says:

    What a beautiful fall tablescape! It is especially stunning with the sunset! It has been so much fun being on this tour with you! Happy Fall!!!

    1. Hi Shannon –

      It was a fun tour. I like the ease of a one day hop (not that I did much) 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my little blog!

  6. Shelley from Roots North & South says:

    What a pretty setting. That greenhouse is so fun. As a gardener, I’m so jealous!

    1. Hi Shelley –
      The greenhouse is actually a CostCo hack. I think we paid around $600 for the whole greenhouse and my husband just added a brick paver slab and then raised the walls with garden wall stones. It completely changed the whole look and makes it look very custom. I love to garden but I’m thinking it’s time to cut back the size of my beds. As I’m getting older its harder to keep up with it.
      Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Amber Ferguson says:

    What a beautiful setting for Al fresco fall entertaining! I love your amazing table and those beautiful sunflowers in the olive bucket. Your chickens are awesome too! So happy to join you on this tour today. Happy fall!

    1. Hi Amber –

      Thanks for visiting my little blog. It was so much fun and an easy little hop to participate in. I’m so glad that I did it and got motivated to fall into fall.

  8. Hello Lynn. Nice to meet you. What a gorgeous outdoor space and that sunset!!! It is pure magic. Gorgeous table! I can only imagine the delicious meals, fun conversations and laughter taking place around this beautiful table. Such a blessing. Fall is my favorite season. The burst of colors, crisp fall days and cozy nights by a fire are priceless.

    It was fun joining you on this fall blog hop. Have a wonderful autumn season!

    Rosemary & Thyme

    1. Hi Janet –

      Thanks for the kind words. It was fun and I’m hoping we can do something like this for the upcoming holidays.

  9. I am so glad to tour with you for this Hop and find another blogger living by the water. We live on a lake in Northern Wisconsin. I can’t wait to explore your blog more! I want to see more of that Greenhouse and beautiful spaces!

    1. Hi Kristin –

      I saw that you lived on a lake in Wisconsin when I was wondering around your sweet blog. I was born in the UP and we head up to a lake house in Phelps, WI on Lac Vue Desert to “get away from it all” in the summer. I think if you enjoy the water, you don’t want to be away from it for long. I also noticed that you went to college in Iowa. My middle daughter graduated from Iowa State and my baby is a sophomore there now. I’m heading to the corn fields for a couple of weekends in October.

      I will be sure to share more of my greenhouse now that our renovation project is almost done. I have some great ideas for the space for Christmas.