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7 New Outfits for This Fall


I bought a few items to create 7 new outfits for this fall. Well, actually I bought 7 new items that will make a whole lot more than 7 new outfits for this fall.

I subscribe to the capsule wardrobe concept but it means I need to make a few new purchases each season to switch up my look for the season. Find out about capsule wardrobes HERE

Last fall I was pretty hunkered down and I didn’t do any refresh to my wardrobe. Prior to that, I was working full-time at a corporate job and my attire was much different.

This fall I’m turning over a new leaf (How funny am I) 🙂 I’m really tired of the old frumpy clothes that I’ve been wearing for years. I typically put on my gardening(slash)painting clothes and go about my day. Well, those days are over!

I actually did buy myself a few new things for spring and summer and it helped me to feel put together when I ran out or someone comes over to visit.

My choices for fall were:

collage with a black sweater coat, black knit pants, camel color turtleneck sweater, black and white striped top, light blue and white striped top, grey cable knit cardigan, sand colored duster coat
  • Camel Duster
  • Camel Turtleneck
  • Black knit pants
  • Black knit long sweater
  • Gray cable knit cardigan
  • Light Blue Striped Sweater
  • Black and White Striped Sweater

These are just a few of the ways that I plan to mix and match them with clothing that I already own.

collage with jeans that can be worn with either the black and white striped top, the light blue and white striped top and the grey cable knit cardigan
I already own these jeans and I can wear either top with them and the grey cable knit cardigan sweater
collage of black jeans and black herringbone jeans plus two black and white tops and grey cable knit sweater that can all mix and match
I own both of the pants and the top on the left that can mix and match with a new top and sweater
collage of jeans, along with a shirt and sweater that I already own along with a new shirt and sweater for mix and match for fall
Black Sweater Coat and knit pants along with four tops that can mix and match
The new knit sweater coat and knit pants can be changed up with just a different top
collage of mix and match outfits for fall

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I hope I’ve inspired you to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe for fall. You should take an inventory of the clothes that you already own and feel good wearing before you go shopping. Make your purchases around what will go with what is already in your closet.

I also Googled fall fashion trends for 2021 and stumbled upon Harpers Bizarre. Looks like I won’t be on any runways this year but it was fun to take a peek at what the in crowd will be wearing. Despite that, I will be feeling better about myself in my new outfits.



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