Saturday Shopping – Wedding Gifts

Welcome to another week of shopping

Since we are hosting an Engagement/Shower the Couple with Love Party this weekend, I thought I would post about wedding gifts.

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New Home Essentials

Our son and future daughter-in-law are being very practical and opted for a wedding fund. For two reasons:

  1. They live in Los Angeles and the logistics of getting gifts from Illinois to California would be a bit much.
  2. They aren’t kids and have built their own little homes already. They don’t really need anything or have the space for anything.


I however think that as they start out their new lives together there are a few things that I think all newly married couples should have.

  1. Brand new nice sheets
  2. Brand new nice towels
  3. A really good pan to cook in – Mila has already commented how much she likes my flat-sided skillet with a lid. Don’t tell her but one just might show up at her door once they are home.
  4. A really good set of knives
  5. Basic white dishes set – If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I use my white plates for almost every tablescape and then dress them up with fun salad plates, glassware, etc.

Other Gift Ideas

If you have a shower or wedding to go to this summer, I’ve also selected some things that are sure to be appreciated by any bride and groom.

I hope that you enjoyed shopping with me today!

If you made a purchase, please know that I so appreciate it as it helps in a small way to support my small house business.

Peace & Love,

UPDATE: If you saw that was liking the stick vac that I bought a few weeks ago 🙁 Sadly, I’m returning it. It started to get clogged up all the time and then didn’t have any suction power. I will keep searching because I really like the convenience of a cordless stick vac.


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