The Bedroom that we have on the main floor used to be our main bedroom. When we added 300 sq., ft., to our upper level in 1999, we moved upstairs and Kenny moved downstairs. The girls shared the room across the hall from us.

When Kenny left (he’s 10 years older than Annie), then his room became my office. It was my office for a year or so and then the girls who are 5 years apart couldn’t stand being in the same room so Annie moved downstairs. My office was out in what is now part of my kitchen. When Annie went away to college, I moved my office back into the downstairs bedroom. It currently is an office/den arrangement.

The reason we can’t add more square footage to our home is that we live on water and we can’t change the footprint of our house. I had wanted to move when we first got married but “Handy” wasn’t going anywhere. Here we are 29 years later.