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Banishing Bambi: 8 Clever Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden

By living large in a small house


Build a physical barrier, like an 8-foot fence with a slight outward tilt. Deer dislike jumping over tall obstacles and feeling cornered. Consider electric fencing for an extra deterrent, but prioritize safety and follow local regulations.

Spray your plants with commercial repellents containing eggs, garlic, or predator urine. Opt for organic options and reapply after rain or heavy watering. Remember, deer have sensitive noses, so rotate repellents regularly to keep them guessing.

Motion-activated sprinklers or sound devices can startle deer. Place them strategically near vulnerable areas and enjoy the added entertainment (for you, not the deer!).

Dogs are natural deer deterrents. If you have a furry friend, let them patrol the garden occasionally (while supervised, of course!). Their scent and presence will send deer packing. Probably need to be more vicious than our Molly. 

Protect smaller plants with floating row covers or netting made of chicken wire or plastic mesh. Secure them firmly to prevent hungry deer from reaching their targets.

String up motion-sensor lights around your garden. The sudden brightness will disorient deer and make them think twice about entering your illuminated haven.

Collaborate with your neighbors! If deer are a common problem in your area, work together to implement larger-scale deterrents or share strategies that have worked well for you.

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