One Room Challenge Week 2 - Room Prep

Living Large in A  Small House

Lynn Vogeler of Living Large in A Small House

Interior Designer 

What is The  One Room Challenge

The One Room Challenge is an exciting interior design event where participants transform a single room in their home over the course of eight weeks.  This twice a year challenge, founded by Linda Weinstein, encourages creativity, collaboration, and showcases the power of design. Designers, bloggers, and DIY enthusiasts take part, sharing their progress and final reveals on social media and blogs.  Participants face tight deadlines, budget constraints, and a multitude of design decisions. It's a platform for showcasing innovative ideas, clever space planning, and resourceful DIY solutions. The One Room Challenge fosters a supportive online community, inspiring others to tackle their home improvement projects with determination.

We have 8 weeks to transform a blank room into a Nursery 

– We live in Illinois and the nursery is in Dallas, TX – The room has textured walls so we have to contend with that before wallpapering – The room has grey carpeting on the floor but it is brand new so it's staying – Their house doesn't really have an area for a playroom so this space will have to house toys, books, etc.

The challenges

The assets

– The room is a blank slate – There is a large closet for us to work with – The nursery has a southern exposure so it will be bright and cheerful

Mom & Dad to Be

They are parents to be a applying joint compound to the textured walls and sanding them smooth.

Tools for Making Textured Walls smooth for a mural and paint.

Did I mention we are the grandparents to-be and we will be doing much of  baby nursery renovation work!


A blank canvas once we move out all the baby stuff

We will have the big reveal in 8 weeks