This is the original kitchen. It doesn't look bad but the cabinets are old just painted white, there are three different flooring in the main living space and the refrigerator doesn't fit in the space they provided for it.

Our daughter and son-in-law in the kitchen right before demo began.

Doing Demo! Soon after this picture we had an electrical issue so it was determined that the wall had to come down.

All the original cabinets and counters are out and part of the wall is down but even more ended up having to be pulled off.

New drywall after mold remediation and new electrical work.

Even our youngest daughter joined in the fun :)

The New Flooring Team

After 8 days we had to go back to Chicago but we made some real headway

Just missing countertops and hardware.

Annie & Tommy 8 Days Later

Home Renovation

Kitchen Reno in a Flipped house