What’s New on the Urban Farm


Do you want to know what’s new on the urban farm? Well, Handy and I decided that our gardens were out of control and our yard was full of quack grass.

Perennial Beds and Boathouse 6.23.15

To the naked eye, it might not look bad but it’s was a jungle of weeds and overgrown wildflowers.  It’s rare when I could capture nice pictures like these because most of the summer there is little to no color.

So with little to no thought – we decided to kill the gardens and part of the lawn.  We really didn’t do much of the work.  We started and after a few attempts at digging out plants we wanted to save, we decided to leave it to the professionals.


They came in and killed pretty much everything.  They tilled up the beds and slit seeded the lawn.

Handy did some of the replanting and his back and knees are paying the price.  We made some new purchases and recycled some of the plants from the old garden.  The look we are going for is to get away from the wild cottage garden. We want to have a more formal organized garden.  We are hoping to have a college graduation party next summer (fingers crossed). The plan is that when things come up in the spring it will be beautiful.

We added several different varieties of hydrangea’s (Snow Queen Oakleaf, Limelight, Strawberry Sundae); Knock-Out Double Rose Bushes; Several clumps of grasses (Dwarf Fountain & Maiden). I just love peonies as cut flowers in the house, so we added more (Felix Supreme, Coral Charm & Top Brass).  We kept the pink peony variety that was already in the garden.  We took out all the standard daylilies and replaced them with several new varieties of stella d’ora daylilies. I love this variety as they bloom all season long. (Purple de Oro, Little Business)

The sedum was saved as I love the color in the fall but we moved them around so they are scattered more evenly in all of the beds.  We also left the garlic chives.  The white flowers that shoot up in the fall are gorgeous.  Again, we divided them and moved them around so they are better represented in the beds.  We have a very large hawthorn tree in one corner so we planted a bed of ferns and hostas. Both plants do very well in the shade.  In the spring I’m going to sprinkle in some astilbe to add some summer color.  Scattered all through the beds that frame our entire backyard are also Phlox, Shasta Daisies, and Coneflowers.  All of these will need some vigilance to keep them from spreading. We’ve cut down the varieties that need constant tending.

A lot of space for annuals was included in the plan, which will give the gardens the pops of continuous color that they’ve been lacking for so long.

Here is what it looks like in early November.  The plants are all in, the grass has come back, including a little of the quack grass so we will have to take care of that right away in the spring.


Can’t wait for spring!



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