Summertime and Moving Outdoors

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Outdoor Living Room

During the cold Chicago winter, living in our small home is nice.  It’s cozy.  I typically have a fire burning in the fireplace almost every evening.  The kitchen and great room are the hub of our home and we use every inch of it.  Then comes spring and summer and we bust outdoors.  We have also made the most of our outdoor space and we use it a lot.  Many years ago “Handy” built a pergola off the back of our home.  It helped shade us from the southern exposure. We have sun that blasts into the 22 ft., window wall in our great room.  It was part of a huge project that included tearing down a dilapidated deck, and replacing it with a very large brick patio that now surrounds our home on two sides.

As our family grew and we were desperate for more living space, Handy roofed the pergola.  He added a fireplace, a TV, and some powerful outdoor heaters, and wah-la (I’m not sure if that is how you spell it). We now have another space that we use three seasons of the year.  Yesterday was the 4th of July, and we had friends over to celebrate. We boated a little, enjoyed some great food & drinks. Later we relaxed around a fire, and then watched probably 4 or 5 different fireworks shows that were happening up and down the river.  Molly (our little dog) wasn’t crazy about it all.  She’s had her Thundershirt on all weekend!

Outdoor livingroom view towards garden
Outdoor Living

He also built his first outdoor kitchen when he installed the brick patio.  Here is a picture of the original kitchen.  I apologize for the quality of the picture. It was the only one I could find and it appears to be a bad scan of the original.

Old Outdoor Kitchen_edited

Since that time our original outdoor kitchen has been torn down. In its place now stands a newer, more improved outdoor kitchen.

View of the roof detail
View of Kitchen looking from the house
River view of Kitchen

I’ll be honest the fact that “Handy” was on his second outdoor kitchen while I was still cooking inside in my 6′ x 6′ sq., box of a kitchen did not sit well with me.  Read about my kitchen remodel HERE.

How do you spend your summer outdoors?

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