New Years Resolution – Whole 30

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Happy New Years Resolution!

I don’t recall ever seriously making (or keeping) a New Years resolution.  That all changes on Tuesday, January 5th.  It’s the day I go back to work and the day that I’ve chosen to start the Whole 30 eating lifestyle.  I’m calling it a lifestyle instead of a diet.  It’s 30 days of eliminating all the crap from your diet that suck up your energy, lead to aches and pain, allergy symptoms.  All kinds of maladies that I find myself dealing with.  From all my research this seems to be the best way to jump start your body and slowly reintroduce foods. You’ll eventually figure out what works for you and what you just need to stay away from.

I’m committed to doing this by being prepared and planning.  This seems to be the biggest key to success. I’ve equipped myself with meal plans, grocery shopping lists and stand-by meals.  We can use these for times when I would normally throw a frozen pizza in the oven for dinner because I’m either too tired or too brain dead to think of anything else.

My plan is to occasionally update on my blog.  I’m also planning to post my meals on Instagram on a more regular basis.  Hopefully this will prove that I’m braver than I think I am and stronger than I seem.


If you’ve tried this “eating lifestyle” or another eating plan that has worked successfully for you, I would love to hear from you.  I think everyone can use a friend when they are climbing a mountain that seems to be a little too steep.  Speaking of climbing a mountain, I plan to add exercise into my daily routine.  I’ve dusted off the treadmill and plan to start walking on a regular basis.

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