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Do you want to follow the best cooking blog? I used to put a new recipe on this blog every Tuesday. That stopped in September of 2023 when I decided that I wanted to give all of my recipes their own space.

Since September of last year, I’ve been working on the “Small House Kitchen“. It’s truly been a labor of love as working on Living Large in A Small House is already a full-time job. Going forward I’m going to divide my time between the two.

There will be a new recipe on Small House Kitchen on Tuesdays and a home-related post on Living Large in A Small House on Thursdays.

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Why a Food Blog?

I know when I’m looking for food inspiration or recipes, I head to food blogs. It dawned on me that everyone else was probably doing the same thing as me.

It just made sense for my recipes to all be in one spot and dedicated just to food.

all the ingredients for past with burst cherry tomatoes topped with burrata cheese

Visit the New Blog

I’m pretty proud of the new blog. I’ve moved some of my recipes from this blog over to the new space. Eventually, they will all be there. Of course, there will be new recipes every week.

A white platter with the fixings for salad niçoise. This would also make a great 4th of July summer salad dish

I wanted to have all of my recipes moved over before it went live but I realized that if I waited for perfection, it would never get done. So taking a leap of faith, I decided to just go for it.

I hope you’ll head over to and sign up to follow along with me in the kitchen.

Connecting the Dots

When I write a post about entertaining or holidays, basically anything involving food, you will find the recipes at Small House Kitchen.

Small House Kitchen

I enjoy sharing everything that is going on at the Small House and that includes what I’m doing in the kitchen. I can’t wait to see you at the new blog.

Peace and Love,

Meet Me

I’m an Interior Designer, Professional Organizer, and Party Planner who lives in the suburbs of Chicago in a 1,300 sq., ft., home with my “Handy” husband, Keith.

I’m an open book about my life on my blog. Find out more about me by tapping the button below.

Thanks for Following Along

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