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Are You Wanting to Take A Little Weekend Getaway?

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Are you wanting to take a little weekend getaway? I know that we are. There are some amazing places to visit in the Midwest and for us, they are just a car drive away. If you live in another area of the country, there are many places just like this. Do a little research and you’ll find a spot just right for you.

Even with Covid, I think that some of the most quaint inns are still open and very safe place’s to stay. You can usually bring your own food and drinks and just a change of scenery can recharge and refresh!

Door County Getaway

I’m going to start here because it’s always a beautiful time to drive up to the finger of Wisconsin which is Door County. Snow is on the ground and there may be ice formations on the banks of Lake Michigan. We’ve been to Door County in every season and while we love them all, I think our favorite time is the winter. One of our favorite places to stay is the White Lace Inn. Our favorite house at the White Lace Inn is the Hadley House. We’ve stayed in every room and they are all amazing.

Door County GetAway

There aren’t a ton of shops or restaurants open in the Winter and we are ok with that because there also aren’t thousands of people gathered into this small vacation area. There is nothing like a bottle of wine, cheese, and fresh fruit in front of a roaring fire to rekindle the romance. There are B&B’s, Inns and Resorts up and down the peninsula.

Fox River on our Saturdates
Just Driving Through Wisconsin is Relaxing in Itself

Mackinaw Island, MI

Another great place to visit but you’ll have to wait until spring is Mackinaw Island. The Grand Hotel opens in May and you can catch a ferry to the Island; Leave your car and cares behind. We love the Grand Hotel because of the history and tradition. One of our first dates was watching “Somewhere In Time” so it holds a special place in our hearts. Watch the movie before your trip to this iconic hotel. Get it here.

Grand Hotel

Richland Center, Wisconsin

One of the most unique places we’ve ever discovered wasn’t too far from home in Richland Center, Wisconsin. Candlewood Cabins is off-the-beaten-track and the home to seven very unique cabins; all of them completely different. It’s so hard to decide which one to stay in if you can get a reservation. They are now booking 24 months out for most of the property. It is close to Spring Green which is the home of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin. I’ve been obsessed with this area ever since reading the book “Loving Frank”.

Candlewood Cabins Getaway

Galena, IL

We pass through this quaint little town just about every time we go to visit our youngest at school in Ames, IA but it’s been a favorite weekend destination of mine for years. There are so many great places to stay in this quaint little hamlet. I’ve stayed at several of the Inns and B&B’s but next on my list is Inn at Felt Manor.

Felt Manor

The Best Getaway – Kohler, Wisconsin

I’ve saved the best for last. Clearly, it’s my favorite as we spent our honeymoon here. The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin is an amazingly luxurious place to stay; especially if you love design. You can visit the Kohler Design Center during your stay and plan your next home improvement project over dinner in one of the five-star restaurants at the resort or during a round of golf on one of their world-class golf courses.

American Club Romantic Getaway

While our role of Mom and Dad will never be over, our job is in another phase that gives us more time to discover some fun places to visit while discovering our new role as empty-nesters. So, if you are wanting to take a little weekend getaway, I hope I gave you a few good ideas. If you just want some ideas for day dates, visit HERE. Seize the moment!



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  1. I took a screenshot of a couple of the places you wrote about , so that I can show them to my husband and put them on our travel list. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Happy spring!

  2. We’ve been to most of these places, but those Candlewood Cabins look BEAUTIFUL. I bookmarked them for later. My husband travels up that way for work all the time, so we might go there this summer. Thanks for the tip!

    1. I just recently found out about Candlewood. It’s amazing! You have to mark the date on your calendar when they open for the next year’s reservations because I think it’s a few years out to book a stay. You can occasionally get lucky with cancellations. It actually might be easier to stay now with Covid?? We were there in the winter and it was so delightful to just camp in front of the fire but many of the Frank Lloyd Wright attractions were closed so I want to go back when they are open.

  3. I love this! I was married at the Kohler Inn, I vacationed as a child at Mackinaw Island, grew up in Wisconsin and love Door County. I love this post!

    1. Hi Elizabeth –
      I was born in the UP so Wisconsin is like home to me. Isn’t Kohler amazing! We go pretty often. We went for a cooking class weekend a few years ago. I’ve been there for a girl’s weekend and sometimes we go just because.

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